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These 100% nail polish strips are safe for kids, No smudges, No drying time, No heat needed, Beautiful designs and are Super affordable!

-Simply peel the nail polish strips and apply to clean nails
-File away the excess for an instant manicure.
-These nails wraps are intended to fit adult nails but can be trimmed for child size nails.
-Non-toxic, Made of 100% nail polish

Prepping your Nails
1. Push back cuticles to ensure the wrap lays right
on the nail. If wrap sticks to the skin, it will pull up
and not last as long.
2. We recommend cleaning your nails with alcohol
or nail polish remover, to remove all oil and dirt.

3. Select your polish strip and tear it from the sheet
4. Peel off the clear plastic top layer
5. Carefully peel the polish up
6. Apply polish wrap to nail while gently
stretching to fit. If wrap sticks to skin or cuticle,
pull up and readjust to nail.
7. Fold the wrap slightly over the front of nail and
file in a downward stroke to remove excess.
8. (Optional) For longer lasting results, apply a high-
quality clear coat after the wraps have had time to
set to your nails (about 30 min after application)

9. Removal is easy, simply use nail polish remover or
gently peel off.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Gail H
They are just right. They work just as well as more expensive ones.

I am extremely pleased with these and can change them every 3 weeks for a change without spending the $45 it would cost. Try them, follow the directions and you won’t be disappointed.

Love it!

As always, you’re mail wraps are gorgeous and made great! Can’t wait to put them on and show them off! Keep those beautiful wraps coming!!

Jessica Nunez
Always Beautiful!

Every set of wraps I have gotten from VR have been beautiful! Pretty colors, lasting construction, and always shipped in nice packaging with little extras.